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Accor Hotels Marketing Mix: Accor Hotels is a public company with French origins. It’s associated with the tourism and hospitality industry since it operates hotels and resorts. It was established in 1967 and is currently the most prominent hotel group globally, not counting that of the United States.

Marketing Mix Of Accor Hotels

Marketing Mix Of Accor Hotels is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Accor Hotels, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Accor Hotels Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Accor Hotels.

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Accor Hotels Main Competitors

  • Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc
  • Marriott International
  • InterContinental Hotels Group PLC
  • Hilton Hotels Corporation
  • Choice International
  • Cendant Corporation
  • Best Western

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Product in the Accor Hotels Marketing Mix:

Accor Hotels Marketing Mix

Accor Hotels is a multinational company that operates franchises, manages, and owns vacation property resorts, hotels, and other properties. The company is divided into three segments: economy, midscale, and luxury, and it offers a uniquely high-quality experience to its guests.

Accor Hotels has four thousand and 3100 hotels comprising twenty brands. Some of its high-end and luxury brand names are Sebel, Grand Mercure, Angsana, Pullman, Rixos, Sofitel, Banyan Tree, and Raffles, as well as the economy and the mid-scale selection includes Ibis affordable, Ibis styles, Ibis, Mama Shelter, Adagio, Mercure, and Novotel.

Accor Hotels have worked towards giving its customers the best products and top-quality services, which will aid in keeping its loyal customers. As part of Accor Services, it offers vouchers for service to companies who have partnered with it. It also includes eye care vouchers for childcare, vouchers to pay for childcare lunch vouchers, tickets, and restaurant tickets.

Accor Hotels has spread its operations to include onboard trains, restaurants, casinos, and travel agents. has introduced a new plan under which it offers flight and hotel booking options. The site has also created an online search engine MoodMatch to help travelers experience the best travel experiences.

Each of its resorts and hotels has modern rooms that come with bathrooms attached. A particular focus is placed on providing spacious bathrooms and rooms equipped with the latest features like television, calling options using a phone and side tables, a mini bar, 24 hours of services, and laundry services.

Place in the Accor Hotels Marketing Mix:

Accor Hotels has spread its network to encompass five continents and over one hundred countries. Its headquarters are located in Paris located in France. The most sought-after destinations are Istanbul, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Budapest, Hong Kong, Prague, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Warsaw, Sydney, Milan, Brussels, San Francisco, Hamburg, Shanghai, Amsterdam, New York City, Vienna, Singapore, Munich, Bangkok, London, Berlin, and Paris. The hotel group now has 4000 properties spread across two thousand locations.

Accor Hotels has more than 250,000 collaborations, which help it operate effectively within the global market. It has changed its primary attention from asset-light operations to franchise and management contracts. Network.

It has led to it becoming one of the leading worldwide hotels worldwide. The hotel chain has realized that digitalization will be around for a while and will make a massive impact. It has been used for profit and is now focused on sales online. This company has launched a unique and distinctive mobile application with multiple functions.

Booking is now simple and quick. With a single click, you can find restaurants, hotels, or events that are planned in the course of the group. Cancellations or last-minute reservations are simple. If a person requires a room for only a few hours, he won’t have to pay for the whole day. However, this applies only when booked through its application.

Employees are an integral component of every industry, and Accor Hotels employs nearly 250,000 staff who are on call every day and night to provide flawless services to its guests.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Accor Hotels:

Accor Hotels Marketing Mix

In the final quarter of 2017’s financial year, Accor Hotels posted its revenue and net profit of Euro 1.93 billion, and Euro 481 million, respectively. This is the only hotel group offering something in all market categories, from luxury to economy. It can meet the demands of business people, leisure travelers, individuals, families, and groups seeking comfort and unique services.

Accor Hotels has a varied pricing strategy that caters to various segments of society. The brand has adopted a high-end pricing policy for its luxury and holiday properties, ensuring top quality and unparalleled service and merchandise.

For mid-priced properties, The brand is implementing a mid- and high-price method, and for properties in the economy, a reasonable price policy. In actuality, it has adopted the value-added pricing policy and provides pricing options based on the type of hotel and the product or service offered at the site.

As part of its promotion policy, the company offers seasonal and festive discounts at various hotel properties. The company has also adopted bundle pricing in certain hotels and offers a breakfast buffet, overnight stays, and a host of other amenities as part of the Extra Saver Package.

Promotions in the Accor Hotels Marketing Mix:

Accor Hotels is a powerful brand that is renowned for its top-quality quality of products and services. To ensure its standing, the business has developed several marketing strategies. The company has also launched ads on radio, television, in newspapers, in travel magazines, and on billboards.

The company recognizes the significance of social media and created its website and an app that allows for simple and quick transactions. The website and the Twitter page, Facebook page, Instagram, and YouTube provide information on related topics.

The company offers a range of rewards to promote bookings on the internet. The loyalty program gives advantages like quick check-out discounts, free nights and upgraded rooms, and welcoming beverages and lounge services. Accor Hotels has entered into an alliance agreement with Qatar Airways to improve its loyalty programs.

As part of its green initiative, Accor Hotels declared several policies. It has decided to cut its food scraps by thirty percent and ban plastic straws. It has signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles with the United Nations and will work toward empowering women.

The brand 2015 became the official partner of Roland-Garros and the official sponsor of COP21. Accor Hotels has received numerous honors and awards throughout the years. In 2018, the loyalty scheme Le Club Accor Hotels was the very proud winner. Accor Group has won the Best Hotel Program of the Year Award, Best Promotion, Best Customer Service, and Best Redemption Ability awards.

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