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Amazon Marketing Mix: Amazon is among the largest online retailers that sell an array of products like games, books, music clothes, and movies. In 2013 Amazon employs 117,300 employees and has a worldwide net profit in the amount of 74.45 billion US dollars.

Since its creation around 1995 Amazon is a step ahead of many competitors in its industry and has grown to be the world leader with over 24 million accounts customers around the world. Amazon has made smart investments and acquisitions of smaller businesses to allow itself to remain ahead of the curve in its industry and is constantly expanding its product assortment, while also offering customers competitive pricing and quick delivery times for those who decide to join one of its accounts.

In July of 2013, Amazon launched its services in India and decided not to use any marketing campaign. The website is listed as being the 27 most popular site in India with approximately 4.2 percent of Amazon customers from this country. The company is doing extremely well in India which is why this Indian project is one of a larger effort to provide its services to a greater number of customers across Asia.

Marketing Mix Of Amazon

Marketing Mix Of Amazon is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Amazon, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Amazon Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Amazon.

Let’s talk about Amazon Marketing Mix.

Amazon Main Competitors

  • Alibaba Group
  • Flipkart
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Costco
  • Best Buy

Amazon official website:

Product in the Amazon Marketing Mix:

Amazon Marketing Mix

Amazon is an international online retailer which connects to the internet via different gadgets, such as tablets and phones so that customers can browse and buy items right away. These items are then delivered to the buyer, through delivery service providers. Amazon has developed an enormous product catalog and offers almost every item which includes:

  • Kindle
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Mobile phones/tablets
  • Game consoles as well as gaming consoles
  • Clothing for women and men, as well as children.
  • Jewelry
  • Gardening equipment

Amazon first began with books and remains the largest book retailer worldwide. That’s why Amazon has also introduced Kindle. Kindly can be described as an Ebook reader made by Amazon and is the reason why publishers’ marketplace is experiencing such huge changes in the process of changing hard-copy paper into digital ebooks, due to the convenience of reading Kindle. In the wake of the popularity in the market of Kindle, Amazon also introduced Kindly fire – its own tablet computer.

Input a search phrase to a website looking for one specific item There is a good chance that Amazon will have what you require and it will appear on your list of search results. As they continue to expand as they expand, more and more items become available in their catalog. After establishing itself as a publisher of publications, Amazon rapidly expanded into other items to keep its market share. Whereas eBay is known for its tech-related items, Amazon is known for well-informed products.

Amazon continues to grow its product line and, in July 2014, it began to enter the smartphone market by launching its personal Fire Phone. The phone came after the launch one month earlier of its own set-top box system called Amazon Fire TV- which lets you stream from a variety of channels as well as provide speech commands for searching.

Place in the Amazon Marketing Mix:

In the past websites like India plaza along with all schools stuff shut down because of the lack of confidence when purchasing products on the internet. However they have the image of the brand appearance of Amazon makes it able to maintain an expansive and extensive presence, and the overall performance of the company can be enough to fund huge R&D efforts to protect the site. Amazon is home to customer service centers in all of the countries in which there is a web presence and the majority of them being in various States in the USA. Amazon employees are pleasant and comfortable.

Promotions in the Amazon Marketing Mix:

Amazon Marketing Mix

Although Amazon offers broadcast TV commercials they’re mostly for the American market. Amazon utilizes primarily web-based advertising, but they also make some use of billboards and smaller forms of advertising. Amazon is also a part of the advertising network online so that every time you visit Amazon you’ll find ads for the same item on another site. The use of search engine marketing as well as putting the name of the company at the top of search engine results is also a clever marketing strategy that is employed by Amazon. The person who created Amazon thought of this when he created the company and decided to start the company with the letter ‘A’.

For India, Amazon can be believed to be the most effective source of advertising it has word-of-mouth. The act of telling people about the website, or talking about the site in an encouraging manner can guarantee that they will attract a new client. There are many advertisements in print media that can get their message across to people. However, more needs to be done in the promotion department of Amazon in India due to the fact that the traffic from Amazon is being replaced rapidly through Flipkart.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Amazon:

Amazon is competitive in its pricing and it is not able to be ahead of its peers. If, for instance, you’re in the market to buy books, Amazon offers you a new copy or a used one and includes the price and the condition. Another option is to pay for an account that is premium, which means speedier delivery. Amazon will also be able to maintain its prices at a competitive level by using employees. A minimum number of employees – yet skilled – will guarantee that customers benefit by not having expenses, and the result is evident in the prices on the internet.

As more and more people connect to broadband networks in India and connect to the internet The market for companies like will get tougher. Amazon’s slow entrance into India has been able to see some growth because of its image as a brand and is looking to keep costs as low as it can to grab a share of the market that is growing. It will be facing stiff competitors from eBay Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Flipkart.

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