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Avon Marketing Mix: Avon Products Inc is often referred to under the handle of Avon, a public limited company. It is a personal-care brand that is part of the FMCG industry. Avon was established in 1886 by the creator David H McConnell. Avon is a direct-selling business listed in the second spot and is a multi-level marketing beauty business; it is home to 6.4 million employees in the fifth place in the world.

Marketing Mix Of Avon

Marketing Mix Of Avon is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Avon, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Avon Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Avon.

Let’s talk about Avon Marketing Mix.

Avon Main Competitors

  • Amway
  • Oriflame
  • Lakme
  • L’Oreal
  • Sunsilk
  • Natures

Avon’s official website: www.avon.com

Product in the Avon Marketing Mix:

Avon Marketing Mix

Avon is among the most renowned companies worldwide for beauty products. It has a broad and varied range of crucial products for women; however, it has added products specifically for men. Its products are available within its brand Avon. It also has its brand name Avon and several sub-brands, such as Avon Series, Avon True, Anew, Avon Sensors, and Avon Care. Avon’s portfolio comprises:

Makeup Brushes makeup palettes and lip glosses, Dual powder foundation, concealer, makeup foundation, and kohl, pressed powder lipstick liner, brush tools, nails, eyes, face, and lips

  • Lip Stylo Lipstick 1.8g
  • Avon’s True Flawless Mattifying Pressed powder
  • Lipstick Lava Love
  • Extralong Kajal
  • Extralong Eyeliner
  • Super Shock Max Waterproof Mascara

Bath and Body Personal Care children’s care, lip care the body, deodorant roll-on body lotion, hand soap, shower soaps, and body lotions, body wash, and shower gel feminine wash, as well as foot care

  • Exfoliating Mask and Moisture Mask
  • Gentle feminine wash
  • Whitening Shower Gel
  • Naturals Nourishing Soap
  • Honey and Milk Shower Gel
  • Naturals Redberry HBL 200ml

Aromatic Skin Softeners: Fragrance roll-on deodorant, splash spray, and delicate scents

  • Hypnotic and captivating
  • Avon Eve Duct EDP 50ml
  • Viva La Vita EDP
  • Sheer Passion Simply Unforgettable
  • Avon Attraction Body Spray Her
  • Black Suede Touch-Body Spray

Treatment for skin hydration – Spray treatment, facial wash, face wash for acne and anti-aging bleach, cleanser sunscreen, Astringents, toners, astringents masks, and moisturizers

  • Naturals Nourishing honey and Milk Cream 50g
  • Avon Tru Nutraeffects Mattifying Day Cream 50g
  • Naturals Rose Skin Whitening Cream with SPF50g
  • Naturals Rose and Rose Pearl Toner 100ml
  • Avon True Nutraeffects Brightening Toner
  • Avon True Nutraeffects Ageless Toner 159ml

Hair Shampoo, oil for hair, and conditioner

  • Naturals Divine Shine Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Advance Technique Daily Shine Shampoo
  • Naturals Verbena Peppermint Shampoo
  • at Reconstruction Shampoo

Fashion – Accessories, clothing, and jewelry

  • Susan Tan Shoulder Bag
  • Hank Toiletry Pouch
  • Kavya Earrings Gift Set
  • Mid Length Shaper

Place in the Avon Marketing Mix:

Avon is an international firm that began its offices in Manhattan and had its headquarters in London, located in London in the United Kingdom. The company has a product presence in over one hundred countries, with Brazil being its biggest market. In the year 1990, Avon merchandise was introduced into China. Demand in China through Beauty Boutiques and direct sales in 2006.

Avon has implemented a direct-sales policy in distributing its products widely and far. The procedure is based on the dimensions of its channel, the size of distribution, and the level of participation by Avon. Third-party suppliers are also employed to market its products. Avon recruits sales representatives to sell directly to consumers. Sales representatives use them for door-to-door selling and marketing. The salespersons operate in a non-dependent manner and can sell products with sub-brands such as Avon Naturals and Avon Care. The company also has set the training facilities for future representatives.

Avon introduced a new mobile app and uses e-commerce websites for marketing its products. In India, the delivery channel is divided into five zones: central, south, west, northeast, and east, which are managed by a representative who watches over the distribution of the products within that zone.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Avon:

Avon Marketing Mix

At the end of the fiscal year 2016, Avon posted its revenues at 5.72 billion US dollars and a net income of 107.4 million US dollars. A majority of the revenue generated by Avon products is derived from international markets.

Avon has established itself as a top-quality brand that is readily available to customers. It explicitly targets home wives who are happy to shop in their own homes and frequent cosmetic buyers.

Avon has adopted various price strategies for multiple markets. In certain instances, Avon has implemented a price-based pricing policy following the product category. It produces and sells its products in some countries, such as Romania, and has adopted a medium prices policy on the continent because its costs incurred are less. In India, Avon has kept its competitive price policy because it faces competition from various other brands. Avon has managed to keep its product prices low and affordable rates to take advantage of the growing mass-consumer market. It believes that higher volumes will bring in more revenue.

Promotions in the Avon Marketing Mix:

Avon has an aggressive marketing policy to strengthen its brand’s prominence in the consumer market. Avon has brought in a variety of celebrities to increase awareness of its brand. The brand’s most famous ambassadors are Lucy Hale, Ashley Greene, and Lauren Conrad. Recently the company announced that it had chosen Indian actor Aditi Rao Hydari as its latest branding ambassador for India.

Avon relies heavily on ads through its catalogs. They are released as special releases during special occasions featuring a variety of famous people on the cover. The company has also published brochures that can be downloaded on its website to inform customers of new offerings and other pertinent details. It regularly provides lucrative discounts and special promotions and has hired style experts who offer important advice to keep customers satisfied. The brand also promotes its merchandise through social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and its Facebook page.

Avon is involved in charitable causes and created the Avon Foundation. It provides scholarships to its members and their families. In its promotion activities, the company participated in a worthy campaign that raised awareness of Breast cancer in 2002. Pink ribbons were affixed to each catalog, and the money raised through the campaign was used to fund buying medical gear.

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