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Bisleri Marketing Mix: Bisleri is an open-ended public limited company established in 1965 by the Italian ” Signor Felice” 1965. The company is involved in the sale of bottles of water. Then “Ramesh Chauhan” of Parle purchased the company; however, he decided to carry on under the brand name Bisleri to preserve its distinct identity.

It is among the biggest producers on the market, with nearly 36% of the market share. Bisleri bottles are readily available throughout the Indian Subcontinent because the brand has made remarkable gains with 13 franchisees and 18 manufacturing plants nationwide. Bisleri has established its headquarters in Mumbai.

Marketing Mix Of Bisleri

Marketing Mix Of Bisleri is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Bisleri, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Bisleri Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Bisleri.

Let’s talk about Bisleri Marketing Mix.

Bisleri Main Competitors

  • Coca-Cola and its brand Kinley
  • Pepsi, as well as its own brand Aquafina
  • Bailey’s Bailey

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Product in the Bisleri Marketing Mix:

Bisleri Marketing Mix

Bisleri product was initially offered in glass bottles with the brand name Bisleri printed on them. The company then changed to PVC bottles, which were not returnable, and the bottles are now made available in pet bottles that can be disposed of by the consumer.

Mineral water makes up the main product line of the brand. It is also sold under the brand name “Bisleri Mineral water”. Apart from that, the brand also produces soda water named “Bisleri Sodawater”. Soda water is offered in two varieties: carbonated and carbonated. Bisleri Urza is a recent release and is a potent drink.

The idea that mineral water could be bottled was the first program that Bisleri India developed, and the name is now synonymous with Indian users of mineral water. The primary challenge that the company faces is that there needs to be more room for innovation in the product, and it has to come up with alternatives to combat it.

To meet customers’ different demands, Bisleri has come up with other product options to appeal to various segments of society. Bisleri bottles are available in half one-liter, a liter, five-liter, two-liter and a half-liter, two hundred and fifty milliliters, and twenty liters.

Place in the Bisleri Marketing Mix:

Bisleri has recognized that accessibility is the main factor in achieving success, and for the successful implementation of this idea, the distribution channel must be in good shape. The brand’s strategy is to establish a direct distribution system at a national level. Today, Bisleri boasts more than 85,000 stores that function as retail shops nationwide. Of these 12000 outlets are the only ones in two cities: Mumbai and Delhi. Bisleri has made significant investments in acquiring a minimum of 2000 trucks to secure and efficiently transport its products.

The company has built the manufacturing of 18 factories throughout the nation. It has bottling facilities in several cities, including Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Jaipur. It has decided to employ its sales personnel to ensure proper handling and distribution facilities. This is because the company is looking to establish its distribution network in the areas where it has a manufacturing facility to ensure efficiency and cost-saving process.

Bisleri is among the leaders in the market today due to its robust network based on absolute distribution capacity. To expand its reach into the southern part of the region, Bisleri has decided to expand its distribution channels in the area.

Bisleri bottles are readily available everywhere in the nooks and corners of India. From the smallest shops to the panwallas on every corner, you will find a bottle of Bisleri to fill their thirst. The bottles are readily available in malls, cinema halls, restaurants, airports near railway stations, and everywhere. So, availability is not an issue for this product. The credit must go to the efficient distribution network of the brand.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Bisleri:

Bisleri Marketing Mix

In India, most of those who live there belong to the middle-class segment of society. Therefore, the brand has adopted an affordable pricing policy. Water is always readily available to market and sell, and it is necessary to keep the pricing policy to the lowest possible price.

The brand understands that the primary concept is to create as many sales as possible. This will naturally result in greater profits. If buyers can buy the item in the most convenient location and at a reasonable price, the product will not be accessible to everyone in society.

Bisleri has kept its pricing policy straightforward and easy to understand to satisfy customers’ expectations. It has recently increased its prices by a minimum under its fair and competitive pricing policy, as all its competitors offered their products at this price.

Promotions in the Bisleri Marketing Mix:

A well-designed product can go far in bringing the business forward; however, with a proper connection between brands and their customers and the product, it will be capable of saving the company. Bisleri clearly recognizes this and therefore has opted for persuasive marketing to enhance its exposure within the consumer market. In one of the initial commercial print ads, the butler was seen in possession of two Bisleri bottles, with the punch phrase ” Bisleri is very exceptional”.

This was instrumental in capturing the general public’s attention and setting the way to success. The goals for the marketing and advertising policy of Bisleri include personal selling and targeted advertising across various media, public relations, and sales promotion. Bisleri has created an aggressive media strategy that provides for advertisements placed on hoardings, billboards, trucks, trams, and any other way a customer could connect.

The company’s ads are all on the radio and are shown on television channels. Its ” Pure and Safe” tagline is now popular with the public; Bisleri has decided to go with ” sealed cap bott to distinguish it from other brand sales”. It proved a significant win for the brand since it claimed to be 100% pure since it was impossible to fill the bottle without messing by removing the cap.

All of its ads at the time focused on the purity of the product and breaking away seal patents. The brand later changed its tagline to ” Play Safe” and released some striking ads aimed at younger consumers. Bisleri has decided to go for high-quality packaging to advertise its products.

Advertising at the point of purchase is crucial for a brand such as Bisleri. This is also the case. Bisleri has top marks for innovative hoardings and POP materials. The most important thing that customers need to understand is that they’re getting water in this store, and that’s precisely what POP materials communicate to customers.

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