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Easy Jet Marketing Mix: Easy Jet is a flight booking business based in London. The advantage of Easy Jet being online and using Teletext is that they can offer higher margins. This is the reason they’re dedicated to digital customers.

Place It’s not just on the internet; most sales are made online; therefore, Easy Jet will concentrate on this particular market. Nowadays, technology allows us to market more products to smaller numbers of people and is more effective than selling fewer products to a larger audience. Peppers and Rodgers back this up in their marketing concepts. Pepper is an executive in the field of advertising executive, and Rogers is an academic in the marketing field. Their concepts address “one-to-one marketing” and the importance of offering products as well as products to a single customer at one time. This is done by identifying and satisfying the customer’s particular demands. Then, it aims to repeat this process many times for each customer to make sure that customers feel that the relationship is in place and they may be forged.

Marketing Mix Of Easy Jet

Marketing Mix Of Easy Jet is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Easy Jet, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Easy Jet Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Easy Jet.

Let’s talk about Easy Jet Marketing Mix.

Easy Jet Main Competitors

  • Jet2.com Ltd
  • Ryanair DAC
  • Spirit Airlines Inc,
  • WestJet

Easy Jet official website: www.easyjet.com/en

Easy Jet Marketing Mix

Pricing – – With Easy Jet being on the internet for this long, it is a sign that it has removed certain aspects like “the post” This is because the tickets, as well as a boarding pass, can now be delivered to customers via email or printed on the internet, thus “cutting out the middleman.”

Promotion Easy Jet’s website is accessible through search engines and flight and travel comparison websites. This is in addition to selling their services. Members are also sent emails that contain promotional offers.

The Physical Proof Even though Easy Jet is based mainly online, It is still booked through travel agents or at the terminal itself. They are physically offline. In the last few months, Easy Jet has recently advertised in Sainsbury’s shops through employees (uniformed Easy Jet T-shirts) and promoting their new partnership. The physical evidence online is different from physical evidence, including features like “security icons” and policies that give customers a sense of security when booking online.

Easy Jet Marketing Mix

People On the Easy Jet website, there are sections like FAQs, blogs, and a complete section devoted specifically to customer support to provide customers the impression that even though they’re online, they can still get in touch with an avenue of communication with Easy Jet.

A process mentioned previously, Easy Jet integrates online and offline customer support at the airport and on the internet.

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