Kaya Skin Care Clinic SWOT analysis

Kaya Skin Care Clinic SWOT analysis: Kaya Skin Care Clinic is a group of clinics that are owned by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marico which caters to skincare requirements and treats skin issues of their customers. Marico is among India’s leading companies, selling various types of products that are consumer products with its headquarters in Mumbai, India.

In addition to a skincare consultation, Kaya also has a variety of off-the-shelf products that treat common skin concerns in 13 hair and skin areas of care. Marico established Kaya Skincare Clinic with the firm belief that as every person’s skin type is unique every person requires a specific degree of skincare that is customized to each person.

Kaya Skin Care Clinic has an extensive network of clinics mostly in Tier 1, metros, and cities throughout India along with across the Middle East with qualified dermatologists and experts in skin care. They offer consultation and treatment for skin issues.

Kaya Skin Care Clinic fun facts: At Kaya, you will be surprised to get your skin and hair loss treatment for as low as Rs. 2,490.

About Kaya Skin Care Clinic – SWOT analysis of Kaya Skin Care Clinic

SWOT analysis of Kaya Skin Care Clinic

Company: Kaya Clinic

CEO: Rajiv Nair

Founder: Harsh Mariwala

Year founded: 2003

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Annual Revenue: INR 421 crores

Profit | Net income: INR 89.2 crores

Number of employees: 2,123

Products & Services: Kaya offers laser Hair removal, Anti-ageing, Acne, Pigmentation, Scars, Hair, and Body contouring, For both Women and Men.

Website: www.kaya.in

Kaya Skin Care Clinic Competitors

Competitors: loreal | Olay | Aroma Beauty Therapy Clinic | Velthuis Clinic | Brisbane Anti Wrinkle & Skin Studios | Farmanatura | The Body Shop

SWOT analysis of Kaya Skin Care ClinicKaya Skin Care Clinic SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis of Kaya Skin Care Clinic

SWOT Analysis Of Kaya Skin Care Clinic is brand-based. SWOT Analysis of Kaya Skin Care Clinic evaluates the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Advantages and disadvantages can be attributed to internal factors while opportunities and threats can be attributed to external factors. We will be discussing Kaya Skin Care Clinic’s SWOT Analysis. Below is the detailed SWOT Analysis of Kaya Skin Care Clinic.

Let’s talk about Kaya Skin Care Clinic’s SWOT assessment.

Strengths of Kaya Skin Care ClinicKaya Skin Care Clinic SWOT analysis

  • Treatment options that are customized: Kaya Skin Care Clinic is the result of Marcos’s research findings that show there is a huge opportunity for personalized skin care. This is one of Kaya Skin Care’s greatest benefits since it is the only clinic that offers individualized solutions and expert advice on skin problems for its clients.
  • Goodwill and trust of clients: Kaya Skin Care Clinic is a place that has high trust and respect for its clients. The clinic is staffed by highly skilled dermatologists as well as other hair and skin specialist to look into every issue a customer is facing and provide solutions that are customized. This has enabled them to establish the trust of their loyal customers.
  • Strong backing for Marico: Marico Industries have established a base in hair care as well as skincare products with some of the most well-known brands such as Parachute, Hair & Care, Nihar, Set Wet & Livon. Customers are comfortable with Marico products, and this has made it easier for Kaya to earn the trust of the customer from the beginning.
  • A two-pronged method: Kaya Skin Care uses a double-pronged approach to focus on customers. One is a dermatologist center that analyzes the needs of customers with problems that require medical attention. The second is a salon that takes care of the regular hair and skin requirements of customers. Through Kaya Skincare Clinic, Marico is able to provide both regular and specialist skincare needs, which allows the company to reach a larger public.
  • Expert employees: Kaya Skin Care Clinic is home to 130 dermatologists and experts in skin care on their staff, each with proven knowledge and expertise in the field of skin treatment. The specialists have been educated through Kaya to ensure that they’re capable of providing high-quality service to the level that the client is looking for.

Weaknesses of Kaya Skin Care ClinicSWOT Analysis Of Kaya Skin Care Clinic

  • Inability to stay pace with the pace of change: Though Marico launched Kaya Skin Care with a bang it was unable to sustain the momentum as the business has been suffering significant losses within the first couple of years. The loss incurred by the company is around the sum of 145 crores, which is huge.
  • The cost of operations: Kaya Skin Care Clinic claims to be a leading skin treatment clinic and the package offers a salon-like ambiance, plush interiors, welcome drinks, and well-trained personnel in stylish uniforms. They are all costly to maintain and that implies that the expense of running the facility was too high for the clinic’s budget to handle.

Opportunities of Kaya Skin Care Clinic – Kaya Skin Care Clinic SWOT analysis

  • Hyper-skin problems: Customers are fussy today and are more aware of skin problems in a variety of ways. They are also inclined to purchase treatments that make them appear good and can be an enormous chance for skincare service providers as clients want to appear attractive and are extremely focused on creating a positive impression when they enter the spaces they live into.

Threats of Kaya Skin Care Clinic – SWOT analysis of Kaya Skin Care Clinic

  • Competitors: The primary challenge for Kaya Skin Care Clinic is rivaled like Lakme Salon, YLG, Naturals, and Affinity Salon.
  • The fragmentation that is excessive: The beauty industry especially dermatology clinics has numerous issues due to fragmentation that has led to the average of players all the way from local players to the most prestigious ones such as Lakme Absolute.
  • low obstacles to entering: There are minimal or no barriers to getting into the beauty business and even salons that are small can build an enticing market. The dermatology clinic is full of salons that offer cosmetic services for a minimal cost.

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Kaya has a strong business model, and it has positioned itself differently from other players by providing premium skin care service, a niche with few players. Since the company is currently suffering losses, it is difficult to value the business based on earnings. However, a fair assessment can still be made by analyzing the business, market, and growth opportunities.

Kaya Clinic seems like a good investment for the long term but has its own issues which need to be resolved. The company is a new player in the market and I working on the expansion and brand building.

This is the SWOT analysis of Kaya Skin Care Clinic. Please let us know if you have additional suggestions to add.

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