Marketing Strategy of Dettol – Dettol Marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy of Dettol – Dettol Marketing strategy: Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd (RBIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Reckitt Benckiser Plc the world’s No.1 company in household cleaning and which is Reckitt Benckiser Plc’s parent that has the Dettol label. 

The name “Dettol” started its journey in 1933 as an antiseptic liquid however, over time it has been expanded to several product categories, including toilet soap liquid hand washes shaving cream, and plaster strips. 

Dettol has been widely recognized and promoted as a 100% germ-fighter with total protection and control for the entire family members as its primary value.

Marketing Strategy of Dettol

Marketing Strategy of Dettol – Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

Consumers see Dettol as an ‘expert’. It is seen as a product that is efficient and flexible and provides protection against germs. It is based on an approach that is based on demographic classification and can be used by the majority of people of any age. 

All generations of people are the target customers of Dettol. Dettol adheres to its specialization method to enter the marketplace and improve its use rate. 

Dettol has succeeded in advertising it as an antiseptic product that safeguards the population from harmful bacteria. The brand’s communications have always been focused on its brand’s core positioning of protecting against germs. 

Marketing Strategy of Dettol – Competitive Advantage

Through the years, Dettol has established strong, distinctive associations. First and foremost, its signature scent. It is difficult to miss the distinctive Dettol smell that has served as the source of comfort for many a scraped knee of a child! The smell is well-known to consumers for them to describe a clean space as having a ‘Dettol-like scent’. 

Another characteristic is its amber-gold color. The third feature is the “clouding effect, which occurs when it is mixed with water. 

The fourth, and the most important, is the complete trust customers place in Dettol since the product has been tested and proven to fight germs, make wounds septic, or even rid the room of bacteria. The brand has been effectively positioned and overcoming that position is a challenge. This is the primary competitive benefit that comes from Dettol. 

The packaging of Dettol is unique in its unique way. Each of the Dettol merchandise comes with an image of a sword on the packaging that is a symbol of combating infection and germs. Over time the clouding motion as well as the symbol of the sword has become emblematic for the company and is cleverly employed to promote Dettol advertisements. 

Dettol has a diverse product range in each category that aids the company in taking advantage of the market across different categories, thus increasing its product exposure by taking up the huge shelves of retail stores. 

Marketing Strategy of Dettol

Marketing Strategy of Dettol – BCG Matrix

Liquid handwashes are the top. Dettol has been the market-leading brand in the category of hand wash and has a strong position in the market. However, the market is also populated by other strong players, including Lifebuoy. 

Antiseptic liquids are cash cows even though Dettol is the leader in this category however, the market is saturated and crowded by competing brands, which results in a low growth rate for the industry. 

Categories of products like bar soaps, wipes, kitchen Cream, and Gel remain in limbo due to the lack of acceptance of these products from Dettol on the market, and, consequently, are not getting scores. 

In the small and stagnant market for plaster, its primary rival is Johnson and Johnson’s “Band-Aid” therefore it is in the shadow of Dogs. 

Marketing Strategy of Dettol – Distribution Strategy

RBIL distributes its entire product range through its standard distribution channel which offers a broad and wide reach across the market and is an essential feature of the company. The channel is overseen by a well-organized sales force that is responsible for generating sales for the entire product range comprising greater than 150 Stock Keepers (SKUs).  

It offers its products through the three channels of distribution of the business, which are: 

  • Modern Trade Self-service channel 
  • Direct Distributors in big towns 
  • Sub Stockist network that reaches towns in smaller areas. 

Marketing Strategy of Dettol – Brand equity

Studies on Brand equity showed that, while Dettol’s equity was high on the topic of ‘germ protection consumers see Dettol as an expert and as a product that is efficient and flexible and offers protection from germs. It’s been compared to a bodyguard that protects their body from contamination and the dirty external world. The versatility of the brand is due to numerous uses for the antiseptic fluid that offers protection in many different types. 

The use of the brand can give an array of emotions that are etched in the minds of consumers. In addition to making people feel secure and secure in the safety of their families making mom feels as though she has done the best thing for her family. The brand creates positive emotions and images. So, it’s only appropriate that the tagline of the brand states” Make sure you are 100% certain

Marketing Strategy of Dettol – Competitive Analysis

Dettol is present in many product categories and because of its extensive network, RBIL is in a position to serve the entire market across various segments. They are also market leaders in certain categories such categories as Antiseptic liquid and Liquid hand wash, however, certain product categories are not performing well, such as Wipes, Kitchen Gel, shaving cream, etc. There are numerous global and national giants battling to keep their market share like HUL, P&G, Dabur, and many more local and national brands are present. 

Marketing Strategy of Dettol – Market Analysis

The hygiene market is full of diverse offerings from companies. Due to the increase in income and educational level, people are becoming more conscious of their health, which provides a great chance for these businesses to expand the number of customers they serve. 

Marketing Strategy of Dettol – Customer Analysis

Dettol is a service that serves every segment of society by offering a range of products, ranging from soap liquid handwash to sanitizer. The customers of Dettol are of all age groups and are divided based on their gender and income. It’s a widely sold product as everybody needs antiseptic. Due to its long-standing and effectiveness in the market customers of Dettol trust the brand 100. Certain customers have integrated the usage of Dettol throughout their day into their daily routines, such as washing, bathing, and scrubs. 

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