Oppo Marketing Strategy – Marketing Strategy of Oppo

Oppo Marketing Strategy – Marketing Strategy of Oppo: Oppo Electronics Corporation, a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, electronic devices, and Bluray players, is commonly known as Oppo. Guangdong Bubugao Electronic Industry Co. Ltd. is its subsidiary. This company is also the manufacturer of Vivo, Oneplus, and other electronic items. BBK Electronics is 2 nd biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Only Samsung was the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in 2017. 

Oppo is a selfie-and group selfie expert technology. It has been ranked #4 for creating memorable selfie experiences for the younger generation. The brand includes the Oppo F series (F1, F3, F5 & F7), and Oppo A and R series smartphones. 

Oppo At A Glance – Marketing Strategy of Oppo

Oppo Marketing Strategy

Company : Oppo

CEO: Chen Mingyong.

Founder:  Tony Chen

Year founded:  2004, Dongguan, China

Headquarters:  Dongguan, China

Number of employees :   40000

Products & Services: Hi-fi, Home theatre, Audiovisual, Smartphones

Website:  www.oppo.com

Oppo Competitors

Competitors:  Samsung Electronics | Apple | Huawei | Xiaomi | Vivo | Oneplus | HTC | Nokia | Panasonic | Lenovo

Marketing Strategy of Oppo

Oppo Marketing Strategy

Oppo’s Marketing Strategy covers various aspects of the business right from segmentation and targeting to the overall mission and vision of the company and the various parameters which the company executes to become the top brand that it has in the market. So what is the Marketing Strategy of Oppo? Let us discuss.

Oppo Marketing Strategy – Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning

The brand focused on technological innovation over the last year and started the business segmenting it based on which technologies it uses to serve a particular customer group. millennials who are either just starting to earn or in college. This has allowed them to use a selective targeting strategy. products are only made for a select group of customers. 

The company is based on the state-of-the-art image capturing technology and processor technology that works on the aesthetic part of high-quality photos. 

Oppo Mission Statement

We strive to be a sustainable company that contributes to a better world.

Oppo Vision Statement

To become a globally renowned enterprise, and build up a vital and long-lasting image around the world.

Oppo Tagline

“Enjoyed by Young People Worldwide”

Oppo Marketing Strategy – Competitive Advantage

Technological Development:

Whether it’s the lightning-fast Oneplus technology or the artificial intelligence-enabled front camera that started the selfie beauty revolution, the Oneplus is a revolutionary device. In a short time, the company was able to increase visibility and awareness in targeted segments. 

Chinese Parent Company:

The brand Oppo is a part of a Chinese Company that employs 9000+ people to distribute smartphones in more than 31 countries around the world. The Parent company specializes in digital cameras, television sets, headphone amplifiers, and electronic items. 

Oppo Marketing Strategy – BCG Matrix

It has been working with two major business segments, i.e. Oppo and OnePlus Smartphones. 

Are oppo smartphones really picking up the market with a price segment? With the market share at 3 % for 2017, the price range is from 10000 to 11000. 

The demand for Oneplus smartphones has increased exponentially since the launch of the Oneplus 5T. However, it is now available on the online marketplace Amazon. With Oneplus 6 getting positive feedback from the market, the future prospects are bright for the company. In 2017, the brand had a market share of 4.3 percent. 

Oppo smartphones still fight with competitors like Xiaomi and Huawei. Therefore, is there a question mark in the BCG matrix? Oneplus smartphones are a Star in the BCG matrix. 

Oppo Marketing Strategy – Distribution Strategy

The brand distributes its products through many channels including retailers, wholesalers, and eCommerce websites. Brick & Motors stores such as single-brand retail outlets have also been used. Recently, the company was granted an Indian license. 

More than 200 stores have been opened by the brand in India. plans to open additional stores worldwide. It has also been distributing its products through an exclusive partnership with e-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart. 

Oppo Marketing Strategy – Brand equity

The parent company of the Chinese brand, BBK Electronics promotes and markets the Chinese brand. To capture the imagination and aspirations of consumers, BBK Electronics has aggressively promoted the brand as a selfie expert. 

Vivo, Vivo’s sister concern, is also committed to the Indian & Asia markets. This market is the largest for both brands. 

Oppo has been taking advantage of two amazing attractions in the Indian market, namely. To engage with the youth, Oppo has been using Bollywood and cricket. 

Oppo Marketing Strategy – Competitive Analysis

Oppo, unlike other established companies that focus on the entry-level market segment, has been creating high-end offerings at low prices through its flagship brands Oppo & Oneplus. 

Both companies have succeeded in increasing the market share of Xiaomi from 5.7% in 2016 to 7.3% by 2017. It is competing with companies like Vivo, Samsung, Micromax, Huawei, and Apple. 

Oppo Marketing Strategy – Market Analysis

Oppo’s market presence is being affected by the following factors: increased number of flagship products from peer brands, shrinking margins and Chinese product perceptions of customers, competition within the industry, backend Integration with the suppliers, and an increase in the number of flagship products. 

The brand has been doing technology product development to market niche segments. Technologies like Color OS and photography technology help it stay ahead of other brands in this market while increasing its market share over time. 

Oppo Marketing Strategy – Customer Analysis

The brand’s target audience is young millennials between 15 and 40 years old, with incomes in the middle and upper-middle classes. 

These customers are more open to technological advances in their devices and often show it off on their social networks. Customers aren’t convinced about long-term Smartphone usage but they believe in being tech-savvy and technologically advanced in the market. 

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