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The Body Shop Marketing Mix: The Body Shop International Limited operates under the trade name The Body Shop in the consumer market. It is an affiliate of the Brazilian mother business Natura & Co. and was previously owned by the French company L’Oreal from 2006 until June 2017. The Body Shop brand is of British origin and was launched in 1976 on 26 March by the founding founder Anita Roddick. Body Shop Body Shop is associated with the cosmetics industry since it is a retailer of cosmetic items.

Marketing Mix Of The Body Shop

Marketing Mix Of The Body Shop is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of The Body Shop, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing The Body Shop Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of The Body Shop.

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The Body Shop Main Competitors

  • Sephora USA, Inc
  • Bath & Bodyworks, LLC
  • Alliance Boots GmbH

The Body Shop’s official website:

Product in The Body Shop Marketing Mix:

The Body Shop Marketing Mix

The Body Shop is an internationally recognized company with more than a thousand items under its aegis. It has a natural inclination towards making eco-friendly and natural products and has components like sesame seed oil, marula oil, and sesame seed.

The company’s diverse range of pods comprises products suited to the skin type of typical skin type, oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin. These products also are based on age, such as older people, younger people aged, and the early signs. A variety of products are utilized for security and to treat skin issues such as blackheads, free skin spots, spots, healthy skin, hydrated face, skin that is protected glowing skin, protection from the sun, and healthy eyes. Its diversified product portfolio includes-

HairShampoo, conditioner hair combs, brushes, and conditioner

  • Ginger Shampoo
  • The Rainforest Radiance hair butter
  • The latest Fuji Green Tea Cleansing Hair Scrub

BodyGels washes treatments for feet, hands, and the body. Spa soaps, scrubs, sorbets, deodorants, lotions, bronzing massage oil and body oils, Body butter, bath treat, and accessories

  • The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub
  • The Body Shop White Musk Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
  • Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap

Face-Face treatment, sunscreen evening care products, moisturizing agents, male shaving products, lips care masks, exfoliators, eyes care, correctors and blemishes and toners, as well as a makeup cleanser, wash and removers and accessories

  • Body Shop Drops of Light Body Shop Drops of Light
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Range
  • The Body Shop The Body Shop Youth

Makeup, lip care mascara, eyeshadow eyebrows, eyeliner primers, concealers, foundations cheeks, blushers, and foundations, BB creams and

  • The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation
  • The Body Shop Instamatte
  • The Body Shop Down To Earth Eye Shadow Black Quad

Fragrance- Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum, Body Mists

  • Atlas Mountain Rose Fragrance Mist
  • White Musk Chiffon Body Mist
  • Arber Eau de Toilette

Place in The Body Shop Marketing Mix:

Body Shop Body Shop has spread its products to over 3000 and forty-nine stores owned by the business or franchisee-owned. Its international reach comprises sixty-six countries such as Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Romania, India, Hungary, Portugal, Finland, and Bangladesh. The Body Shop has its headquarters in West Sussex in the United Kingdom.

Body Shop Body Shop has a solid and effective distribution network that assists in receiving raw materials and delivering the final products efficiently for its clients. The company’s organized supplier network assists in obtaining the materials sourced from the local community. It is a firm believer in the franchise model and has well-designed shops with a relaxing atmosphere that aids in attracting customers.

The products of retail shops are also accessible through the Multilevel Marketing channel “The Body Shop At Home’. This channel was launched in 1994, and distributors or consultants could find additional people to promote and sell their products. According to an article in 2008, consultants were given a discount of 25% on their products. The channel was initially tested in Australia, and following its success, it was expanded to other countries such as New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Mexico, France, South Korea, and The Netherlands.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of The Body Shop:

The Body Shop Marketing Mix

At the end of the fiscal year, The company reported 1.4 billion US dollars in earnings. Its Body Shop has targeted women who live in cities that are cosmopolitan and urban dwellers who are concerned about their appearance and health and are part of the upper-income brackets. The company has been positioned as a luxurious natural-care brais catering to the elite segment of society. The brand has recently added men as its primary clients and has begun to market products targeted at them.

The Body Shop has targeted those who value green products, even when their selection isn’t the most. The nature is that marketing can be described as an ethical one and is a contributing factor to high prices. This has led to the cost of high products. The company has kept the highest pricing on its top items. It’s faced with many competitors, even in premium category products. To stay ahead of rival brands, it has implemented a price-competitive policy, keeping its prices in line with competitors’ prices.

Promotions in The Body Shop Marketing Mix:

The Body Shop has used several strategies to market its company’s name to the market consumers. The Body Shop has adopted a social marketing idea and has a policy of encouraging materials made from plants. Its ads are primarily in fashion magazines as well as social media platforms. The brand owns its website, which sells its merchandise.

It also has partnerships and ties it also has ties- with other online shopping sites that offer its products on the internet. The official site also provides regular updates on its products, as the latest offers and incentives. Skincare articles are posted on its website to inform users about the proper method to remove and put on makeup, the best product for what type of skin, the ingredients utilized in a formulation, and information about its customized gifting programs.

The Body Shop has used environmental and social campaigns to advertise its product to consumers. In 1986, the company was associated with the Save the Whales campaign. The Body Shop outlets displayed posters on the windows of its shops that promoted the local community’s occasions. It has been adamant about stopping the testing of cosmetics on animals. The products it sells are labeled as a non-animal-tested brand.

The Body Shop received awards and recognition for its contributions, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 by the RSPCA, to acknowledge its commitment to not using its products on animals.

The Body Shop Foundation was established in 1990 to fund the world’s initiatives to protect animals and the environment. Protection. It has contributed more than 24 million pounds in grants and funding initiatives such as Children on the Edge.

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