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UB Group Marketing Mix: United Breweries Holding Limited was established in 1857 by Thomas Leishman and has been capable of enduring the tests of time, establishing itself as a prominent company within the market. The company is known for providing its customers with products that cover a wide range of industries.

The company’s headquarters is in UB City, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. A few of its subsidiaries are those of UB Global (trading company), The United Breweries Limited, UBICS Inc, and the defunct Kingfisher Airlines. Today, the UB Group is owned by Heineken International (74%) and the UBHL.

Marketing Mix Of UB Group

Marketing Mix Of UB Group is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of UB Group, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing UB Group Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of UB Group.

Let’s talk about UB Group Marketing Mix.

UB Group Main Competitors

  • Reliance Industries LTD
  • Bajaj Holdings & Investment LTD
  • Mahindra & Mahindra LTD
  • Radico Khaitan
  • GM Breweries

UB Group official website: www.unitedbreweries.com

Product in the UB Group Marketing Mix:

UB Group Marketing Mix


  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Horse breeding
  • Engineering
  • Brewery
  • Real estate
  • Derbies

Beer Brands

  • Taj Mahal Premium Larger
  • Kingfisher Strong Larger
  • Raj Cobra
  • Kingfisher Super Strong Larger
  • Premium Ice Beer Larger
  • Kingfisher Larger
  • Heineken
  • Flying Horse Royal Larger
  • Kingfisher Light Larger
  • Kalyani Black Label Strong Larger

Other Products

  • Chemicals and fertilizers come from Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers Factory. Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers factory located in Karnataka
  • UB Engineering undertakes construction, procurement, and engineering Installation of structural fabrications on-site, as well as testing and commissioning of electrical and mechanical equipment, as well as piping for large industrial projects.
  • UBICS Inc offers body shopping services, IT consulting, and IT-related products for professionals

Price in the Marketing Mix Of UB Group:

The strategy of low prices is employed in the production of its alcoholic drinks. This is among the primary reasons the company’s wines and beer have managed to enter the market. Many drinkers prefer cheaper alternatives over costly ones. This is why a comparative pricing strategy is used. In the case of other products, the quality of service and low price strategy, which is appropriate, are utilized.

Place in the UB Group Marketing Mix:

UB Group Marketing Mix

The company started its journey in India and has managed to dominate India in terms of beer production. The UB Group’s products can be available all over India, and it drinks beer in all bars across India. It is the biggest brewery in India, with a 52.5 percent market share according to volume. With 79% bottling units and distilleries throughout India, it can produce more than India can consume.

The company has expanded and become a global distribution partner for its products, including beer. The company’s products are available in various countries, including the Kingfisher premium Larger beer being a favorite across 69 nations. This is why it’s not just the top beer brand contrasted to Indian rivals, but it has been causing all worldwide beer distributors sleepless nights.

Promotions in the UB Group Marketing Mix:

Innovation and aggressiveness are the traits and attributes defining the UB Group. By implementing this strategy, the business can access the global market through its products. With high-quality and globally competitive products, paired with the solid distribution network that the company can establish, there’s no way the business will be able to fail in terms of reaching the market. The company’s marketing strategy includes an impressive array of manufacturing facilities that contract and privately owned manufacturing facilities located throughout India.

Flagship products like those under the Kingfisher alcohol brand have been able to help the company consistently get international recognition. The Kingfisher brand has earned numerous awards for the company, not just within local festivals but also at international beer festivals.

Investment in various industries is also a method to increase the number of customers on your base. If you do not drink alcohol, you will likely have to fly with their airlines. And if you do not travel by plane, you likely want an apartment to live in, so you’ll be required to work with them via their real estate industry.

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