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Aquaguard Marketing Mix: Aquaguard is the pioneer of water purifiers and can be described as an official product that is owned by Eureka Forbes Limited. This is Eureka Forbes’ parent business. Eureka Forbes was formed in 1982, as a joint venture with Tata Sons’ Forbes Gokak and Sweden’s Electrolux. It is now part of the Shaporji Pallonji Group and has employees of around 7000. In the 1980s, the brand name Aquaguard was introduced and it was soon associated with clean water for households in India.

In reality, it’s almost an everyday label in India and has customers declaring that they would like Aquaguard instead of seeking out a Water purifier. Eureka Forbes Limited launched the first Universal water purifier Aquaguard total sense, which auto detects the kind of water being used and then selects the most effective water purification technologies.

Marketing Mix Of Aquaguard

Marketing Mix Of Aquaguard is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of Aquaguard, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing Aquaguard Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of Aquaguard.

Let’s talk about Aquaguard Marketing Mix.

Aquaguard Main Competitors

  • Pureit from Hindustan Unilever
  • Kent RO
  • A O Smith
  • Livpure from Luminous Water Technologies

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Product in the Aquaguard Marketing Mix:

Aquaguard Marketing Mix
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Aquaguard water purifiers feature an innovative product line of water purifiers utilizing an exclusive technology that is known as mineral guard technology. The different kinds of water purifiers offered produced by Aquaguard are listed below:

  • RO purifiers of water: Aquaguard Revivato cleanses borewell water and is salty tasting.
  • UV water purifiers Aquaguard Classic and Compact can effectively purify the city drinking water supply taken from rivers or lakes. This does not taste salty.
  • RO+UV water purifiers
  • Universal purifiers for water: Gold Nova and Total Sensa both come with RO+UV+ UF capabilities to preserve the original flavor of the water. They will automatically select the purifying technology according to the source of water, whether it comes from a bore well or municipal water, or perhaps tankers
  • Personal water purifiers for personal use: to ensure you have pure water wherever you go.

Aquaguard was among the first companies to introduce Water purifiers. This is why its offerings are much better than those of its competitors. Aquaguard’s mid-range water purifiers come with multiple stages of purification with a capacity of 6 liters and a digital display so you can monitor the life of your cartridge. On the other hand, Kent’s equivalent purifier comes with five stages of purification and 8 liters of capacity. Thus, Kent is a name brand that competes with Aquaguard in the field of purification of water.

Place in the Aquaguard Marketing Mix:

The friendly and welcoming man of Eureka Forbes in a well-clad uniform was the first image of Aquaguard personnel and installer. They are the ones responsible to sell the product directly in addition to maintaining routine checkups. The company is not ahead in the field of gravity-based water purifiers that operate without electricity. The competitor Kent did initially and then brought them into 2009.

Being among the first companies in the field of water purification, Aquaguard has a huge channel network that spans the country. The product is offered through dealer who installs the items. It is also sold through modern retailers, as well as via online channels. The company is renowned as a result of its marketing strategy and has a strong incentive for employees or dealers who can sell the most. This guarantees that there will be always an increase in Aquaguard.

They also have a robust service network, which is crucial to support a product like water purifiers. There are numerous spare parts for the purifier, and you will require genuine dealers and distribution partners. Since Aquaguard is a top brand, customers are aware of genuine spare parts, and therefore search for authentic and authorized service channel distributors of Aquaguard exclusively.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of Aquaguard:

Aquaguard Marketing Mix
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Other players such as Unilever, Sure, Nasaka, and Kent are the primary opponents to Aquaguard. Kent RO water purifier costs $17000 and Aquaguard RO’s water purifier is priced at $15900. Being an older competitor on the market, it can fetch this price due to economics in scale. Pure IT by Unilever RO purifier is priced at 10,000 rupees, while the Aquaguard UVpurifier is priced at around the amount of Rs 8000. With more than three years old, Aquaguard is able to offer competitive pricing for retailers.

However, it is important to keep in mind that there are local players in addition to the national players. Local players provide rapid service, which is why they eliminate the market. Therefore, Aquaguard offers price competitiveness as the sole advantage in its account. The price is competitive pricing coincides perfectly with its value and customers will receive the best quality for their money items from Aquaguard.

Promotions in the Aquaguard Marketing Mix:

In the 1980s, water purifier was a new product, so Aquaguard opted for the method to use direct selling and has since grown to become the largest direct selling firm having 5000 direct-selling representatives that cover approximately 1.25 million Indian households. Aquaguard is a reputable brand with a great image of its brand and trustworthiness to its customers, and in an interesting way, Aquaguard is now a synonym to mean water purifier.

From the beginning, it was clear that the strategy of pushing approach employed by Aquaguard was extremely effective and the sales method employed to send sales personnel all over the place was not able to build a solid brand. With a personal sales representative in the office, the business was able to handle customer service well and also receive a lot of positive feedback about its products.

The company later shifted to a marketing platform that was digital since the selling agents had issues in gaining access to the customer base that reside in gated communities. To address this, newspapers, as well as helpline numbers and television advertisements, were launched. In this particular space, there were competitors such as Kent were able to get a well-known celebrity, Hema Malini, to represent the brand of their product. This increased their sales too. The products offered by Kent as well as Unilever are more geared towards retail and less focused on direct selling, whereas Aquaguard remains dependent heavily on agents who sell direct to customers for their main strength.

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