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IMAX Marketing Mix: IMAX Corporation is a public company with Canadian origins. It is a theater company linked to entertainment technology and specializes in producing and displaying Motion pictures. This multi-screen enterprise was established in 1968 by the founding co-founders William Shaw, Robert Kerr, Roman Kroitor, and Graeme Ferguson. IMAX believes in expanding and is a strategic partner and joint venture with renowned global businesses such as Regal Cinemas, Wanda Cinemas, AMC Entertainment, and Muvico Theatres.

Marketing Mix Of IMAX

Marketing Mix Of IMAX is brand-based. In Marketing Mix Of IMAX, We will Learn About the four key elements of Marketing Mix: products, place, price, and Promotions. By paying attention to the following four components of the marketing mix, a business can maximize its chances of a product being recognized and bought by customers. We will be discussing IMAX Marketing Mix. Below is the detailed Marketing Mix Of IMAX.

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IMAX Main Competitors

  • Walt Disney Co.
  • Netflix Inc
  • Time Warner Inc
  • SimEx Inc

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Product in the IMAX Marketing Mix:

IMAX Marketing Mix

IMAX manufactures and designs projection equipment, cameras, film development post-production, distribution, and production to IMAX-affiliated theatres, including variations such as Digital IMAX, IMAX Dome, and IMAX 3D.

The company is also making special-format films that can be watched on its projection systems and in the distribution and production of films with large formats. IMAX is a brand associated with entertainment and innovation through rich theatre experiences. It has seen numerous firsts, including the comfortable seating arrangement in theatres, the development of the highest resolution camera, and its superior laser projection technology.

IMAX Corporation is involved in leasing, sales, manufacturing, and designing theatre projection equipment. Its digital-projection system comprises a digital-theatre-control system, a projector, 12 channels, 3D glasses-cleaning equipment, and a digital audio system with a sound capacity of nearly 12,000 watts. The company also provides recommendations on theatre supervision, design, and planning of installations.

Place in the IMAX Marketing Mix:

IMAX is a well-known brand with a global reach across the world. Its headquarters are in Mississauga, Canada. At the time of mid-year, the company’s network was comprised of 1,102 theatres across sixty-nine nations around the globe. IMAX operates in Los Angeles, New York City, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Manila, and Toronto. Most IMAX theaters are in commercial multiplexes to attract huge audiences, while the remainder is in national parks, science centers, aquariums, museums, and national parks. Screens in IMAX theatres are enormous, with some reaching more than eighty feet. This is the most thrilling cinematic experience.

Price in the Marketing Mix Of IMAX:

IMAX Marketing Mix

IMAX is among the world’s most renowned businesses that offer top-quality products. It has implemented a pricing skimming policy because it realizes it has an advantage over its competitors. It can gain an advantage in revenue when its competitors can come up with the same thing. It constantly evolves with new products and services and has managed to keep its pricing plan. The company has many ways to collect revenue. Operators with permission to utilize the IMAX brand name must pay a fee for maintenance and royalty to the IMAX Company.

IMAX offers a fixed amount or a percentage of the distribution fee for big-format films. It collects a portion of box office receipts as a commission. The IMAX screens are a part of numerous educational centers. It is a significant source of income for the company since it is a part of school trips. The company has followed an affordable pricing policy for schools; since it is a large-scale business, its profits are also higher.

Promotions in the IMAX Marketing Mix:

IMAX is the recipient of numerous awards and awards. It was awarded accolades like Greater Toronto’s Best Employers and Canada’s top 100 employers. IMAX is focused on the well-being of its employees and has taken measures to ensure that they are happy and content. They have a clearly defined pension plan and a bonus at the end of the year program for employees.

The head office has a private theatre accessible to employees, their families, and friends. It provides various health benefits, including a 500-dollar wellness allowance and 1,000 dollars of additional medical services for its employees. IMAX believes in brand recognition through participating in events such as holiday parties, sports, and film screenings. The company’s tagline is attractive tagline IMAX is Believing.

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